The Verma Couriers was established in 2003 as a business dedicated to providing a guaranteed “Same Day Couriers Services or 24 Hrs Services” to Services Industry.

We are pleased to introduce our services as one of the fast-growing courier services in India. We have our own network operations. In our pursuits for excellence and our endeavor to provide better and cheaper service to our esteemed clients in the domestic & international sector. We are supported by our highly specialized dynamic management with dedication & 14 years of experience.

Our business has developed through our reputation for close, personalized working relationships with all our customers ensuring we always satisfy their needs and expectations.

  Verma Couriers Delivery:-

  • Consistent high quality standards in 7 days in a week, 24 hrs per day.
  • Hassle-free service delivery
  • Good communication with personalized support for each client.
  • Continuous feedback on delivery progress thought.
  • Motivation of our Field executive thought continuous contract and personalized involvement thought incentives with the company ensuring that its policy on clean vehicles and drivers in smarts uniform.
  • Instant verbal proof of delivery with emailed and hard copies available.

  Our Competitive Advantages:-

  • Flexibility to adopt to our customers requirements at short notice in reasonable time.
  • To provide consistent service in an environment where this is difficult to execute.
  • Smart decision making at the customer interface by our competent staff.
  • Fully trained staff and drivers to manage the customers every need with expertise, punctuality and professionalism.

  Our Mission:-

  • To provide a total logistical solution to our customers needs-one stop shop.
  • To focus on quality opportunities, local, national and international.
  • To be innovative, build relationship and be professional.
  • To fully utilize all IT opportunities available to offer a hassle free efficient service.
  • To continue to grow our business thought quality service and value for money.